Mike Player

​Angry Daddies, MTV

  NY Post

"Deb Maclean is a comedy pro through and through. Whether it be performing, directing, producing, or coaching - she always delivers the goods!"                               

"Never have I heard our club so convulsed with laughter."

“Deb Maclean and I go way back...she’s hysterical!”

Frances Salvo

Director of Special Events

St. Peter's Prep

They Laughed and so Will You!

"... awesome Comedy Night! People are still talking about it."

Oscar Nuñez
​ NBC's The Office
Michael Kostroff HBO’s The Wire

Motherhood and Other Desperate Acts

Losing It... and Taking It Back

Two Original One-Woman Shows

Written and Performed by Deb Maclean

Directed by Paul Murphy

"Deb's like the hysterically funny friend you can't wait to hang out with...a female, suburban Jerry Seinfeld."

Deb Maclean's work in Shock of the Funny was "wonderful ... refreshingly different!"                                      

Pam Dawson

Drama Chair

Women's Club of Glen Ridge