Deb Maclean

Motherhood and Other Desperate Acts

Losing It... and Taking It Back

Two Original One-Woman Shows

Written and Performed by Deb Maclean

Directed by Paul Murphy

Motherhood and Other Desperate Acts is a humorous look at children, marriage, middle age, malls, telemarketers and other horrors of life in a New Jersey suburb. Slipping in and out of hilariously offbeat characters, veteran improvisational comedy performer Deb Maclean takes audiences on a wild ride from hipster to hip replacements. 

Two Original One-Woman Shows


and Other Desperate Acts

Losi​ng It

and Taking It Back

Losing it…and Taking it Back takes another look at a mom’s life as she begins to move from middle age to…well, whatever comes next. Deb begins to realize that as you get older you start losing it. And people and things – your memory, your figure, night vision and the fun of flirting. Watch as she moves in and out of new characters, showing us it's never too late to be young again.